Day 5: No More Biological Family, Just Disney Family

The fifth day started with a nice sleep-in.  Since my roomies were running the 5k I didn’t really need to be up and moving until they got back. It was so nice.  I rarely have a sleep-in day at Disney so to actually relax and leisurely roll myself out of bed after four days of exhaustion with the family was amazing.  It was also lovely to hear the report back from my favorite 5k participants when I finally woke up.  Everyone seemed happy with the event and I was happy for them.

After we eventually got moving we headed to Epcot for a little while.  We just did the usual tooling around until it was time to head to the Boardwalk for the WDW Today Lunch to celebrate their 1000th episode.  There were a ton of people there who I know.  It is always so much fun to see so many familiar faces and hug people you haven’t seen in a while.

When things wrapped up there a bunch of us headed back into Epcot to tour and get some drinks (because that’s what you do in Epcot, right?).  There was a lemon slush from France with my name written all over it.  I’m not sure how I cope without them at home.  I got to ride Spaceship Earth with the one and only Michelle where were had very goofy pictures in the end sequence.

A few people went back to their resort at that point since they were running the half marathon in the morning.  The rest wound up back in World Showcase for a while where I decided I needed to go back to Germany to pick up my “I know a little German” shirt.  With that errand under wraps it was time to figure out how to spend the rest of the evening since I was going to be getting up at 3 a.m. to go cheer for the half.

I ultimately decided it would be best to go back to my resort for dinner.  Plus there was the added bonus of getting to meet Sweet Pea, Colin and Elisabeth’s new addition to the Disney fam.  When I arrived the O’Brien Clan including Elisabeth’s adorable mother were all in my room!  How convenient!  I got to hold Miss Sweet Pea for a little while and just hang out with some of my favorite people.  It was a good start to a a nice, relaxing night.

Eventually, we all headed to dinner together at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory.  I thought I’d better get something unique to French Quarter when I was making my selection instead of the usual burger guests can find anywhere on property.  I went for the gumbo and it wasn’t half bad.  I also had my first beignet experience.  Whoa are those good.  Now I know what all the fuss is about.

Since I had to be up at 3 a.m. I opted to take it easy that night.  Scarlett and Kim came over to the resort, we bought a bottle of wine, and we enjoyed it while we caught up and talked for a while. A night with great girls and a bottle of wine was exactly what the doctor ordered.  After a few days of insanity it was so nice to slow down and hung out with friends and the booze didn’t hurt.

While we were hanging out we were exposed to the entertainment provided at French Quarter in the evenings.  Wow.  Apparently people like him, but the girls and I were not impressed.  It was basically a man playing those instrumental recordings off his keyboard and singing cover songs.  When he sang “Margaritaville” I almost lost it.  You see, one of my other great loves is Jimmy Buffett so I can’t take it when people butcher his songs.

Once I recovered from the trauma of bad Jimmy covers, I called it a night fairly early and the girls headed home for the night.  I organized my stuff for the 3 a.m. wake up call and crashed.  This day may not have been the most jam packed, but from time to time its nice to have a more chill day at WDW, especially when you go as much as I do.  There will be plenty to discuss in the upcoming trip report so stay tuned!

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