Disney in the City

I’m working on my last couple days of trip reports, but in the meantime I wanted to do a quick post about the fun weekend I had with friends in the city.  I could give you a blow by blow of the day’s activities, but the real point of the story is I was able to spend time with some great people.  I knew some of the folks going into the day, had only spent a little time with some of the others, and didn’t know a handful at all.  The awesome thing I’ve found several times with these kinds of groups is it feels like I’ve known the people for years even if we’ve only just met.

That same feeling has come about several times for me over the last several years with my heavy involvement in the Disney community.  During this time I’ve met and started friendships with a lot of people who were brought into my life because of a certain mouse.  In fact, many of my closest friends these days are fellow nerds.

For example, the majority of my of my really fun weekends lately have revolved around such friends.  Dee and Neil came to visit and we had an amazing couple days visiting the city, being lazy around my condo, seeing the Hunger Games, and drinking too much with Erin and Steve.  I had a week off from the Disney crowd to spend time with my best friend from college because one should never forget their non-Disney nerd friends.  And last weekend I had the pleasure of laughing til I cried with Kev.  I am one lucky lady.

We may have been brought together by Disney this weekend, but we parted as friends and not just fans of a common company.  We didn’t even have to be at Disney World or Disneyland to enjoy each other’s company.  Just wandering around the city laughing and being together was enough to drive home the notion that Disney has changed my life for the better and continues to bring me wonderful people.

Thank you for such a great day, guys!  And for reminding me what a little faith, trust, and pixie dust can bring you.

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