Day 7: One Last Day of Fun

The last day of the vacation is always bittersweet.  You are looking forward to one last day of fun, but you know the whole thing is going to come to an end and you’ll have to part with your friends.  My lovely roomies, Dee and Neil, departed that evening while I stayed until the following morning.  They started the day with a bit of packing and after getting ourselves ready we were off to the Studios for the morning.

We got there pretty close to rope drop.  Yup, we still do that on occasion.  The three of us headed to Toy Story Mania to try to use our magic Fastpasses there, but they had expired.  Luckily, the stand-by queue wasn’t too bad so we hopped into it and kept in touch with our friends who were on their way to the park.  Scarlett and her boys, Jeff, Doug, and Tom all met up with us shortly after our ride and we hung out for a while.  I was sure to hit up Star Tours since I’ve only been on it a couple times since the refurb.  There was a lot of eating going on this morning so we made a stop at the Writer’s Stop for some goodies.

Shalon joined up with us and we got in a few more rides before we had lunch.  Obviously, the thing to do is to have an ice cream sandwich for lunch.  Josh stopped by since, you know, he works there and all so I got to see him before I headed home.  After lunch it was time to say good bye to several of the folks who had been roaming around that morning, but I knew I’d see them all again soon so there were minimal sad moments.

The rest of us decided we had had enough of the Studios and we’d spend the rest of the day in the best park: Epcot.  Shalon and I moved her car over to the boardwalk and met back up with the boys after they got themselves semi-situated at Pop where they’d be staying for the next few days.

It was Cava time!  John and his lovely girlfriend, Cindy, were there so we didn’t need much arm twisting to get us to join them.  A pineapple margarita will always cure whatever ails you.  God I love those things.  It was so nice to catch up with them since I never get to spend enough time with John who makes me laugh so hard.  Plus, it was in Cava.  That needs to explanation.  Also, if you haven’t already try the avacado margarita.  It sounds weird, but it’s bloody delicious.

We were in the bar for hours because that’s how we roll.  Eventually, it was time to call it a night and Tom and Doug brought me back to my room to pack up and hit the sack early.  I flew out at 7 a.m. the following morning to bed to early was a must.  I decided that night I don’t know how solo travelers do it.  I was alone in the room for less that 12 hours and didn’t know what to do with myself.  I live alone, I’m completely ok with being alone, I just don’t think I want to vacation alone.  More power to you if you can do it.

It was another great trip!  There were some crazy busy times with the family, but I liked spending the time with them and showing one of my favorite places.  My mom is the only one talking about going back, but that was to be expected.  The kids definitely had a good time since this was on the wall at their house:

Thanks so much to all of my friends who made this trip a fun time!  I miss you all and can’t wait to see you again soon!

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